Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer Hair

Hot Summer Hair!!

Looking for ideas to mix up your day to day hair routine, try these!
Inspired by Jennifer Aniston and Lauren Conrad these fresh updates will give you an alternative to the ponytail or half up do.

To achieve Jennifer Aniston's
chic bang braid, part your hair to the side, take an inch of hair and split into three sections and begin braiding. Add in the remaining hair as you go, like a french braid. Pin the braid to the scalp when you get about to your ear. Curl the rest of you hair and let it fall around the braid.

To achieve Lauren Conrad's effortless twists, simply part your hair down the middle and take two sections from the front of your hair and twist back. Pin twists under your hair and curl the rest.

A cute variation of the standard pony tail is to mix the bang braid into the pony tail. To do this, simply braid the bangs as described above, (only on one side) and pin. Take the remaining hair and put into a ponytail. Make sure your bobby pin isn't showing.

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