Sunday, January 17, 2010

Golden Globes: Love it or Hate it

So, something new here I've never blogged about an awards show and one might say "who is she to criticize" well I am here to say what is hot and what is not and I don't care: )

Ok so who was hot:

Jennifer Aniston- Whoa I was loving that black dress. True Jennifer always plays it safe but it pays off! Sometimes classic elegance can't be beat, she looked gorgeous albeit the slit was a little too high.

Sophia Loren: Loved the retro sweetheart neck black dress. Could have done without the full length sleeves but overall a pretty "old Hollywood" dress.

Emily Blunt and Heidi Klum: Love the pretty monotone "ish" dress hues they look pretty, delicate, and feminine.
I liked Courtney Cox too. I think black takes the night!

Kate Hudson: White hot? I didn't know if I liked this or not, it was really pretty but there was something that I didn't like maybe it was the white shoes? It kind of reminded me of a cake topper. I guess I give it a yay, it was pretty.

Also notable: Olivia Wilde's gorgeous sequin dress and Penelope Cruz's black lace creation.

Oh no she didn't-Not hot:

Drew Barrymore: Not all bad here, I loved the color of the dress but I did not like the poof on the hip. If they had left just the shoulder poof it would have been perfect but alas they did not and it ended up looking a bit more star trek that starstruck.

Julia Roberts: We are at an awards show, not a daytime wedding. Dress for the occasion!

Julianne Moore: Bad, bad... It looks like she tore up piece of her carpet to drape around her shoulders not to mention it didn't fit right?

Chloe Sevigny-Ugh really bad, she looked like a meringue dancer only worse, more pale!

Zoe Saldana-This burgundy frock ended up looking like she took some Victorian drapes and fashioned them into a dress.

Trend in makeup: I was loving the red lip look tonight ie. Meryl Streep

Check out and let me know what you think

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I'm Loving Right Now: Camel colored handbags!

I just purchased a really cute handbag by Hype from so cute! I am loving the beige/camel tone purses. The good thing about this shade of purse is that it's so versatile you can wear it through the rest of winter and into spring and summer, it's the new must have color to go with your staples black and brown. You can find a bag in a variety of prices, I really liked this Hype bag because it was on sale and real leather!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year-Old Trends

It's 2010 and there are always new trends to love and there are always some we need to forget. One of them is Ed Hardy-Unless you idolize Jon Gosselin, stop wearing this tired designer. Another overdone trend that has hit it's expiration, anything that looks tatooed, you know these shirts they have wings and such and image prints all over- This motor chic look is done let it go (I'm not talking about studded bags and such that are very IN). The rhinestone blinged out trend needs a rest as well, you know the rhinestone belts and such that were all the rage for the California glam look, well it's time to say goodbye. Trends are fun for a reason embrace them and let them go when their time has passed and you'll always stay stylish and classy!

2010 Hit the Closet!

Well another year has gone by and it's the perfect time to clear our your closet and say goodbye to the old and shop for the new! The rule for going through your closet is if you haven't worn it in a year get rid of it! Try on all your clothes and check for fit and wear. Check your whites-Every year I always buy new tanks, long sleeve, and short sleeve basics in this must have shade due to spills and stains. Buy cheap basics that way you don't feel bad throwing them out when they go bad. If something doesn't fit quite right, assess whether or not it's worth getting it altered if not say goodbye because you won't wear it if it doesn't fit right. Since we are still getting through the recession, while you go through your clothes try to mix and match and come up with new outfit ideas to make your wardrobe new again! Get organized! Take the time to carefully refold and organize your closet once you've gone through it and you'll be ready for 2010!