Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am loving these new bib necklaces, they're perfect for the holidays!

Stock up on one or two to wear to any festive celebration or even a date! Pair with a plain white tee and black blazer with skinny jeans and heels for date night or a casual holiday celebration. Wear with a simple sheath dress to add that extra sparkle. The only rule is don't wear it on an open neck, they're meant to be worn on top of clothing so make sure the neckline is higher.

Happy Shopping!

(From left: Necklace,; Necklace;Ann Taylor; Necklace; Juicy Couture)

How to do the "Red Lips" look right!

What looks more glamorous than red lipstick! Especially around the holidays this look is a very popular hit. To get the look right takes skill, it really bugs me when people get it wrong so here's the rules:
1) When wearing red lips, eyes are simple! There will be absolutely NO bright or dark colors on the eye.
2) To get the simple eye look you want to play up lashes! Simply apply your eyeshadow base (a must always) then apply a shimmery champagne to the the lid with a very light vanilla matte on the brow bone. If desired follow with a matte or shimmery light brown or gold in the crease or light brown matte in the corner of the eye. Line the eyes with black liner, you can make the top liner thicker and even cat eye. Again, you want to play up the lashes. Apply mascara or false lashes for an awesome look.
3) For blush apply a neutral tone blush or (bronzer without glitter) DO NOT use a bright hot pink!
4) For the lips first start by applying the lipstick very carefully, follow with liner (the reason I have liner second and not first is that the liner will wear off with the lipstick so you don't have a liner line.) Follow with a gloss on top!
5) Very very few people can pull off the smokey eye in conjunction with a red lip like the Bond girl from "Casino Royale" pictured middle. Don't attempt unless you look like her: ) It's just too much makeup and it will come off that way.
6) Inspiration: Look like Sienna Miller or Taylor Swift pictured above.