Friday, June 19, 2009

Things I'm lusting over!

Things I'm lusting over right now: more flowy tops to wear with skinny jeans (an example from Diane VonFurstenburg at left), new sandals, and a snakeskin clutch.

There are a few great shops in the valley (will be blogging about that later) but when I just want to shop in my pj's I hit up the internet. Alot of the time I think of very specfic looks and start scouring. So as you might guess it's never easy; Usually I start my search at If you've never visited it's awesome. My first purchase there was an olive green leather jacket with a fur collar that I had lusted over since I saw one of my girlfriends with it. Everything is discounted but they carry great designers like BCBG, Free people, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, not to mention they also carry handbags by Gucci and Prada.

So on bluefly I find these cute white skinny jeans. They're by Rich and Skinny which is the most comfortable skinny jean. Around the waist they put silk lining in so it's super comfortable.

Another good website to search is because it pulls finds from several different websites to give you what you're looking for. So I found a cute clutch there by Hobo and it's sold on I wish it was more cream and grey but it's cute!

On which is a little more pricey, I find this cute top by Pencey. There are a ton of
flowy tops out right now and you can definately find cute shirts on more expensive sites and then find something very similar on something like

And finally the cute sandals I've been fawning over are Steve by Steve Madden. I love the strap around the ankle it's like a bracelet and they're a pewter color so they go with anything.

Happy Shopping!

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