Monday, August 24, 2009

Unleash the Animal!

That's right ladies! This season leopard is the "it" pattern. If you haven't already, you will see it everywhere this fall. Go ahead and dive in and add this staple to your wardrobe. I say staple because I already have leopard as I assume many of you do, but if what you have in leopard is from five years ago and it's a midriff shirt throw it out and grab something in a fresh updated look. Try leopard in a dress, I really like it in a sheath cut or sleek or bubbled skirt as shown above in the dress by Dolce Gabbana and this cute tulip skirt from 7 for all Mankind. For a top I like this one shoulder piece by Alice and Olivia. Off the shoulder or open shoulder cutouts are very in, so you can do two trends in one with this! I don't care what anyone else says don't wear red with this, it looks like blood. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Pink Look!

I am loving this look right now; hot pink lips and bold black lined eyes! So hot, so trendy! As you can see by the pics I've posted this look is awesome on those with a darker complexion but never fear, blondes can pull it off too! Do your face makeup as usual and give yourself a healthy glow with bronzer. Also shade your cheekbones with a bronzer rather than blush because with such a bold lip you don't want to have your cheeks too bright. Line the eyes with a pencil or liquid in black (liquid is better for making that cat eye) dust a light bronze shadow on your lids and finish off with the bold pink lipstick. Don't put too much gloss on the lips just a touch will do!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fall into Fashion!

The September Issues:

You may already be aware but for the fashion newbies, the September issues of most magazines are chock full of fall fashion. Most notable Vogue has the huge September issue but there are others too, like InStyle! I love looking through the magazines of this month and tabbing pages that have merchandise I'm going to lust over. So, my point is that if you want to get ahead of the fall fashions and start your fall wardrobe list, start here:

I usually make a list for each fashion season and I'll probably start shopping in late September or early October. I generally don't shop in late July or August because it's too early to look at coats and boots when it's raging hot outside. When looking through these fashion bibles, take your time and if you're looking to add a few new trendy pieces to your closet I like to look at a layout or ad and just identify what it is that they are showing otherwise it can be overwhelming.

Then take a look at your closet and see what you need to add. I suggest splurging on things like coats, shoes, and bags and try to save on trendy tops and pants. My basic rule is, if it's classic it's worth the money because you'll wear it year after year if it's trendy don't spend too much because chances are you'll be over it by next fall.

Go out and get your September issues and make your list! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Neon, Neon!

I am loving this hot neon trend
right now! Neon is big this season
so if you have to cocktail, do it in
this amazing hue. First, you have to
be tan ladies, if you're not spray it!
Check out Blake Lively pictured far
right, the tan sets the color off. I like this trend in a simple sheath cut with a statement necklace as in the Micheal Kors outfit pictured top middle. I also really like the dress pictured with a ruffle from Marciano, it gives a little twist for a party option. Avoid looking like a highlighter by sticking to one neon piece at a time. Pair this dress with tan pumps like the ones from Jessica Simpson pictured bottom right, and look fabulous!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Denim Jackets-They're back!

Getting the Blues: Denim Jackets!

Now that I'm in my "latter" twenties it's fun to see some trends come back that I actually remember and gasp, may still have in my closet. So much to my mother's chagrin I can pull out my denim jacket from high school and it's totally now!
That's right ladies, the denim jacket is back in! Unfortunately I couldn't find my denim jacket from back when so I just bought a new one like the one pictured bottom left from Old Navy (so recessionista!) If you are a label snob: ) buy yourself the jacket pictured bottom right from Paper Denim available at
I bought a smaller size so it would look very fitted, I recommend doing the same. I think that the lighter colored, worn looking jackets are super cute right now. Wear your denim jacket with almost everything! My fav look is to wear a maxi with a denim jacket, some hoops, and sandals like Jessica Simpson pictured above. If you wear your denim jacket with jeans be sure to wear darker jeans not in the same hue as your jacket to avoid the Canadian tuxedo look. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rock out with Accessories!

This fall invest in some rockin' details; studs or chains! I love these new multi-chain long necklaces, they look great with a loose fitting tee or tank under a black blazer as pictured above, it's a chic way to wear this trend at work or for a night out. I love studs on belts and bags, it gives them a little edge and gives you some added detail to an otherwise boring outfit. Definitely keep your outfit more simple or consider adding a feminine blouse with the studded belt because it softens this tough look. When wearing a multi-chain necklace keep your shirt less detailed or wear a shirt with a pattern that coordinates. Happy Fall Shopping! (all items pictured available at Nordstrom)