Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Leggings-The Rules!

So you've probably been seeing or maybe wearing
a lot of leggings this season. They were big this past winter and looked so cute with knee high boots and a long sweater; however I think summer gets a little trickier so here are my tips for wearing this trend:

1) Get them in black-I am going to say definitely stay away from any leggings that are white, hot pink, or patterned. You have to be really young to pull off any of those and by young I mean 12! Not too mention it's too 80's and white leggings are see-though! So, stick to black and if you must, gray or any other shade that is dark.

2) Wear them cropped, it will be a lot cooler and it looks better for the season. Also, cropped leggings can have some really cute detailing like buttons, rouching, and zippers that add a little flair!

3) Wear them with a long tunic or top. DO NOT I repeat, DO NOT attempt to wear leggings with a shirt that does not cover your bottom. No one wants to see that! So find a super cute LONG top and wear it with your leggings.

4) Do wear cropped leggings with flats and sandals. Heels look really good with if you wear ankle length leggings as seen at the top!

You don't have to spend a ton on leggings, they have them at Target and Forever 21!

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