Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall Fashion 2012

Here are some fun new trend ideas to try for Fall!!

Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion! I love the boots, scarves, leather... so many accessorizing options!

There are some great new trends coming out this fall, be sure to try:

Peplum tops-These figure enhancing tops are a ladylike addition to any wardrobe, great paired with pencil skirts or skinny jeans!

Waxy jeans-Wax coated jeans are the new trend for denim this fall. You'll see all kinds of colors, finishes, from metallics to patterns. Try basic black for a sexy almost leather look, pair with a fun going out top or blazer!

Booties-Western inspired booties are the trend for footwear, along with rugged hiker inspired booties, and basically all the trends we saw last year. Pair with anything from jeans to skirts, these are very versatile.

Friday, July 20, 2012

High Low Hems!

High low skirts and dresses are the new trend! It's a dramatic new way to experiment with your hemline. Try this look in a flowy skirt paired with a slim fitted tank and sandals or in a belted dress. You can't go wrong with this trend so go ahead and rock it! Happy Shopping

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding Season-What to Wear!

Wedding season is upon us and we will all be wondering what to wear! Should you drag out your old frock you wear every year? Should you buy new? What does the attire mean you should wear? No fear, I am here to answer those questions and make sure you look your best!

1) You never want to wear a dress to a wedding everyone has already seen you in, but if your budget is a little tight figure out how you can spruce up a dress you already own so it looks new! Try adding a belt! If you have a floral dress try adding a cute brown leather woven belt, if you have a great sheath dress add a stretchy waist belt. Jewelry can make any dress look different. Try wearing a basic dress and really play it up with bold statement pieces. Think black dress (yes black is ok to wear to weddings now) with turquoise jewelry or green with gold! Simply accessorizing basic dresses will totally change the look of any dress.

2) Confused about what the attire on the invitation means? Let's break it down:

White Tie-The most formal of all wedding dress codes-Think Oscars! Go for a formal, full-length ball gown in a neutral palette. Go all out glam with hair and jewelry! Men wear tuxedos with tails.

Black Tie: This means tuxedos for men, long evening gowns for women, very dressy cocktail dresses are also appropriate.

Formal/Black Tie Optional: Daytime/Evening-This is a looser version of black tie so suits as well as tuxedos will work, evening gowns and cocktail dresses are acceptable.

Semi-Formal: A suit with a tie, cocktail dresses/nice tops with skirts or for daytime lighter weight fabrics and light colors are more suitable.

Informal/Casual-Think khaki's and sundresses! Jeans are off limits unless the invitation specifically mentions they are ok.

Don't wear anything too loud or flashy, think overly bold patterns or sequins. Be sure to dress appropriately, nothing club worthy. If the invitation does not specify attire, play it safe with a cocktail dress.

Come into LUXE today and we will help you find a great "guest of wedding" dress!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


So after pouring over all the style magazines, I've chosen my top "Must Have" trends for Spring!
I'm not super excited about a lot of the trends this Spring but I think that's because Fall fashion is my favorite but in any case I'm making the best of it and updating my closet!

1) Mint Green! The subdued hue is all the rage right now! I like this color in a dress or in an accessory, personally I'm going to invest in a mint green clutch! (

2) Color Block! Ok so this isn't new but it's definitely a trend that's transcending into this season as well so be sure you're on board. You can find this trend in basically anything, I like that this season you see it incorporated in shoes and handbags. I also like that it's pretty easy to "color block" with the wardrobe you have right now; think a royal blue skirt with a bright colored orange or hot pink top! (Jessica Simpson-Macy'

3) NEON, NEON! From highlighter yellow 7 for all Mankind jeans to tops and shoes, anything goes here. But warning! A little goes a LONG way! You don't want to go too 80's with this one. For me, I'm going with the 7 For All Mankind neon yellow crop jeans and I'm already thinking I'm going to style it with some kind of gray top or jacket... (LUXE)

4) Large "DAY" Clutches! I love, love, love these! So chic and ladylike! The clutches resembling envelopes are my must-have! Try these in any color! Or two; )

AT LUXE we will feature a lot of the trends of talked about here, so be sure to stop in!!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year, New You!

Time to clean out the ol' closet!

Here are some suggestions for starting the new year out right:

1) Color coordinate your closet. This will help elimate time spent looking for clothing items.

2) Order clothes from long sleeve to short or winter to summer. Again, this eliminates wasted time spent finding a top or pants. Catagorize clothes, put all sweaters together, jeans together, jackets etc.

3) Do invest in shoe, belt, scarf, and jewelry organizers.

4) Try on everything in your closet! If you haven't worn it in the last year chances are, you probably won't!
If something doesn't fit quite right but you really like it, assess whether you can alter it so you'll actually wear it! Create a "keep", "maybe", and "donate" pile. Try and create outfits as you go, if you haven't worn something in a while it may be because you have nothing to go with it. Start writing down a list of items you need to purchase to create outfits or replace.

Denim Fit Guide!

Hey ladies, one of the most dreaded or for me fun; ) tasks is jean shopping! You may struggle with where to even start with so many choices of styles and washes it can be overwhelming so here's an idea of where to start:

First, determine what body style you have. Then determine the styles that will most likely flatter your figure. Then decide what kind of wash you would like.

Curvy: If you're an hourglass or a pear shape. You have full hips and maybe full thighs with a tiny mid section.
Your problem-you might find that you have trouble getting jeans wide enough for your thighs and then find that when you do the waist is too big.
Solution/Goal- You may find you want to slim and balance your proportions. The best jean types for you are: Bootcut, Trouser fit, Wide leg, or Flares. A bit of a wider flare at the bottom will balance out your fuller hips and make you look shapely. Try and find jeans with a slightly higher rise and some stretch to solve your "too big in the waist" dilemma. At LUXE we can custom alter your waist so you get the perfect fit. Avoid washes that are lighter in the hip area or whiskered. Darker washes will give you a slimming effect.

Petite: If you're 5'4" and slim you are probably a petite.
Your problem-You may find that you are always having to hem your pants and everything is too long and/or too large for your body.
Solution/Goal-Try and seek out "petite" cuts! They do exist, premium denim makers make lengths more appropriate for your height and not only that, the whole jean is in better proportions ie. knee cuts are in the right spots. You may consider lower rises, as you probably have a shorter torso. Try straight leg or skinny jeans as they don't require as much alteration in the length. Avoid crops or anything too wide, you want to give the appearance of being taller. At LUXE we can alter any jean to fit our petite ladies.

Athletic/Boyish: If you lack curves and have a more square body shape.
Your problem: Lack of curves or looking too thin.
Solution/Goal: Try highlighting any curves you may have by wearing skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, or flares. Try lighter washes or washes with fading as these will enhance your bottom and hip area.

Tall: If you're tall you your shape probably falls into one of the previous categories, your other consideration will be that you have trouble finding jeans long enough. Try "Super model length" a new cut from premium denim makers that have 36" inseams or longer!

Pocket Guide:
Flap- will enhance smaller backsides.
High-drawa the bottom upwards.
Far apart-wide set give the appearance of wider hips.
Low pockets-draw the eye down , may make tush look bigger.
No pockets-No, no.