Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'm a fashionista and I'm pregnant! Help!

Don't mourn the loss of your old figure, it will come back. You're main focus should be on taking care of yourself while waiting for this blessed event! In the meantime, you don't have to look frumpy, you can look fabulous with a few basics!
1) Wear black: Black is slimming! I know it can be hot so don't wear black if you're going to be in the sun. Otherwise, black is a classic and looks good in all the trendy new styles.
2) Take advantage of the trends: Babydoll tops and shift dresses are in! Lucky you! So there are a lot of available styles out there. The black shirt with detailing pictured above is a cute and trendy babydoll that is also inexpensive.
3) Wear dresses: The easiest thing to throw on when you're pregnant is a dress and since it's summer get a cute sundress and put it to good use. I think a maxi would be cute if you're legs are at the point where they're not looking so hot. If you're going to a wedding, event, or to work buy a basic black dress like the one pictured above. Play with the accessories so you can wear it many times and it will be like a whole new outfit!
4) Accessorize! What do you do normally do when you feel dowdy and you're not happy with your clothes? Buy cute shoes and jewelry! With the proper accessories you don't have to buy a lot of maternity clothes, you can just buy some basics and switch them up with your shoes and jewelry. For example, buy a plain white button down shirt that's a little longer and a big chunky necklace or a cute sash and put it with some leggings and you'll look sharp and fashionable.
Basics to have: Leggings, a sundress, a work or event dress, shorts, jeans, a white button down, and a few tops are all you need!
All images are from Pea in the Pod.
This blog co written with my mom Tracy Cordova, as I have no experience being preggars: )

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