Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trend: Rompers and Jumpsuits

These have come in and out of style and this summer they're back! A twist on a structured classic, the jumper combines the profile of a pantsuit with the movement of a dress. My top picks for this look are found at Bloomingdales; the first is by Aqua and is only $78! Black is the best option to try for this look, it's going to be slimming and when you're trying something trendy it's best to go with a classic color. The second is a romper by Wink and it would be a nice pick for a night on the town. I like that they put a belt with it because when you are wearing something that's unstructured you want to add a little definition. The jumpsuit is also good alternative for the basic black pant that you wear to work; put on a tailored blazer and a belt and it goes from night to day. When considering accessories for either the jumpsuit or romper go with something bold as they are simple pieces. For shoes, go with a high heel for sure! You could pull off a flat sandal with the romper but only if you're super tall!

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