Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year-Old Wardrobe?

The New Year is an inspiring time to take on new challenges like revamping your closet! It sounds like an ominous task but a worthwhile one and something you'll thank yourself for throughout the year.

One of the things we don't always do when rummaging through our closet and throwing what we don't wear is making of list of what we are in need of. So this year I suggest using this list as your guideline, make a list of what "essentials" you are in need of and start buying those items throughout the year instead of aimlessly adding to your closet.

Here goes....

1) White button down dress shirt-The key to a great white button down is having it tailored to fit your body perfectly-it makes all the difference. Renew your white shirt every year or so as it can become stained and look old.
2) Black Trouser pants- Black dress pants are a go to for any office look and a staple item when creating a dressed up look. Make sure they fit perfectly and are not too long or too short. The cuff should bend and rest on the top of your foot and come about half way down your heel. They cannot be baggy! Ensure a snug fit while making sure they don't pull through the crotch area.
3) Black & dark brown casual leather belts-to be worn with jeans.
4) Dress belts-Black, brown, colored-just make sure these are thinner than your casual belts and in a streamline material like patent leather with small classic buckles.
5) A great pair of well fitting jeans-By a great pair of jeans I mean a pair you look great and feel comfortable in. I would recommend a dark rinse wash in a straight leg style-the style is really flattering and can be dressed up or down. Find your perfect fit at LUXE!
6) Blazer- you could find a suit and either wear the trousers and blazer together or buy them separately either way, you need to own a black blazer. Wear over your button down with jeans or over a flashy top, it really goes with so many things!
7) LBD-Little Black dress! A wardrobe must! Every woman must be ready and armed with this-the best way to approach this is to buy a simple but flattering black dress with a hint of sexiness that can look like 10 dresses in one. By having a simple LBD you can easily add a cardigan and belt with flats for an office party or throw on statement earrings and gold strappy shoes and be ready for cocktails!
8) Cami's-You must own cami's in variety of colors-they will be essential for your "under" wardrobe. You many need them to wear under blazers, see through white tops, sweaters, you name it you need them.
9) Pencil skirt- I love the pencil skirt of all skirts, they are fitted enough to be sexy yet long enough to be office appropriate.
10) Dress Coat-A dress coat can be a nice pea coat or a very formal fur, or a sleek silk trench but you need a nice coat to wear over dresses. Most people have winter coats and casual coats but these just won't do when your dressing up. You could find a pea coat that works for both so be smart about your purchase.
11) Trench Coat-You don't have to ask, you know you need it. Fall or Spring this is a must!
12) Sundress- A summertime go to, this could be a flirty floral print or a saucy maxi but it will keep you going for BBQ's or vacations.
13) Other cocktail dress- besides the LBD you need at least one standby cocktail dress in case of a nice wedding or party. Again, keep it basic and you'll get more wear out of it.
13) Sweaters-The must haves are: Cashmere something, anything! A wrap, a cardigan, and a turtle or cowlneck at minimum.
14) Black heels-At minimum you must have black heels, buy as many other colors, skins, and metallics as needed but keep a great pair of basic black heels. Not peep, not slingback, or platform. Just a nice pair of basic heels.
15) Basic t-shirts-Like a cami these can be your staples to go under many of your clothes. Long sleeve and short sleeve including tank tops for layering.
16) Flats- Have a nice pair of flats you can wear in the office or for a day off.
17) Sandals-Have several pairs: Beach ready to espadrilles. DO NOT buy white strappy leather ugh gross.
18) Boots-Riding boots in brown, dress boots in black are a minimum must. Booties are great if you can do additional styles.

I am sure there a few things I missed but this will get you started! Happy New Year! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Say it with Sequins!

This Holiday season add a little vamp with sequins-sequined anything is looking hot for any Holiday event you have coming up.

For a Holiday Office Party-Pack a punch with a sequined blazer over skinny trouser pants and booties with a blouse. Try this gorgeous cream jacket from Marc Jacobs! If you can't spring for Marc Jacobs try our silver version from BB Dakota available at LUXE!

For a "Holiday Night Out With The Girls"- Wear a sequined mini skirt downplayed with a black blazer and basic flowy top tucked in to look blousey and stacked platform heels. Try LaRok's sassy mini skirt!

For a Holiday Cocktail Party-Go for Gold with a full on sequined dress with a 3/4 length sleeve-pair with opaque black tights and fancy booties or heels! (French Connection) Not ready to go full out sparkle? Try this black dress with sequin details from French Connection available at LUXE!

Anyway you decide to wear it this season the Holidays are a great excuse to wear sequins so go for it!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Poncho Punch!

I decided to write my blog about what I am obessing over obtaining currently, which is a sweater poncho. I do already have two versions but I bought them a few years back but now I am on the hunt for one that is overly baggy, can be belted, and is thick knit! Here are my picks: All from French Connection-a line I carry in my store that I absolutely love! My styling advice for a poncho is wear it with jeggings, boots, and wear a long sleeve top underneath. Try belting it with a medium thick leather belt!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lovely Lace

Right now I am beyond obsessed with black lace anything! Well not anything but still you can find the black lace trend everywhere right now, so go out and get laced up! I am only talking about black lace now ladies, now is not the time to bring out an old lace top and try to make it work. The sad thing about trends that come back is that they always come back slightly different so you can't use your old stand by that's been in your closet waiting for it's comeback. Anyway, I love this trend in a blouse, in a handbag, pump, and on a dress! I love it inset in a top as well! Pair with a nude cami or nude pumps-so hot! Wear the bag or pumps to liven up any outfit! The way to wear it is more sweet than sassy, more ladylike is fashion forward. I just bought a lace print scarf that was sooo cute and I pair it with my military jacket- a little mix of feminine with the masculine, always a do. One piece of advice; find a soft lace, not crunchy and not too fitted. Happy Shopping! Go to and type in black lace to find your perfect piece for the trend! (From top: blouse by Alexander Wang;bag at; pumps at; lace top at; dress by Tracy Reese at and always shop at Luxe Boutique!)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild About Prints!

 I feel that every woman should have a little leopard in her closet, honestly it never really goes out of style. This season leopard is really in! I like to see this trend incorporated as an accessory. A leopard belt or shoes can really make an outfit! Also, for the more conservative dresser or the woman who won't wear leopard, adding a little touch is a way to be trendy without being over the top. If you're a little more brave try a sheer leopard blouse! I like the blouse to be flowy and not fitted, so it's not street walker-esque. The rules with leopard are: wear only one piece at time, no leopard belt
 and shoes! This is not the time to be "matchy-matchy." Go out and get in touch with your wild side!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gray is the new Black!

Even if you're fashionably clueless you're going to be bombarded with gray this fall in everything from shoes and accessories to coats and apparel! So get on board and get in with this trendy hue! I personally love to rock the trend in accessories! I myself have bought over the knee boots in gray, booties in gray suede, and a studded handbag in a taupe-ish gray (great for wearing with both brown and black.) What I love about the trend is it's versatility, you pair it with so many colors, it's a great neutral. Here were my personal finds: Handbag by Hype available at; Boots by Sam Edelman available at; and bootie by Miss Sixty also

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Must Have Fall Shoes!

The MUST have fall shoes are: the clog and the lace up bootie. Also, the over the knee boot (but I'll blog about that later; )) for now go out and scour to find your favorite version of the clog and lace up.
Wear these with just about anything, they're very versatile. I like the lace up bootie with boyfriend jeans, and a flowy top, so cute! Try your clogs with flare jeans like J Brand's Lovestory (sold at my boutique LUXE.)

Here are some of my favs: Phillip Lim if you're a big spender! Sam Edelman makes the lace up bootie, Collin Stuart for Victoria Secret makes for an affordable option and Steve Madden makes the sling back clog (great transition for Spring as well.)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Furry Fall!

One of this season's biggest trends is Fur! You'll be seeing it everywhere and not just the usual fur coats and wraps but as detailing on shoes, purses, and my favorite way to wear this trend a vest! Sure real fur is very beautiful but if you're anti-fur you can still rock this look faux! Faux is also much easier on your wallet. With faux fur I definitely recommend shopping in person rather than online; that way you see the quality and can tell if it is soft and could pass as the real deal! My favorite picks for a faux fur vest are top right: Alice +Olivia'; Micheal; and BB Dakota's available at my store LUXE!  The Micheal Kors and BB Dakota vest are under $150-very chic!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, August 9, 2010

September Issues are here! Fall's Top Trends!

The September issues are here, loaded with all the latest and greatest for Fall. I'm getting excited for pumpkin spice candles and falling leaves already, if only to wear some of the fun new styles in clothing, shoes, and accessories!

Top Trends for Fall:

1) Military-Military inspired clothes, shoes, and accessories will be HUGE this fall! Watch for jackets-one of the best ways to incorporate this trend in my opinion. The cargo that was big this summer (ie J Brand's Houlihan) will still be in this fall with some new twists like a sateen finish. You will also see camo on this fall's accessories. I suggest mixing in camo in a scarf or hat rather than a head to toe boot camp look.

2) Gray-This is a trend I am LOVING! I absolutely love gray shoes and handbags for the fall. It's in all the way down to your finger tips (see my last blog.)

3) Lace-up booties- You will see a ton of variety in lace up shoes. I love these with a cropped pleated dress pant! So chic.

4) Faux fur vests-I love these! I have already bought several different pieces for my store. This is a must-have for the season. Mix this in with your cargo skinnies, and booties-so hot!

5) Over-the-knee boots-We started seeing this last fall but it is in full force this year so definitely grab yourself a pair! I love a mid-heel leather with a tie behind the knee boot, maybe in this season's "it" color gray!

Trends from last Fall to keep:

Faux leather leggings and Plaid.

Will post individual blogs on these trends complete with pictures of my top suggestions soon!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The "IT" Nail Color!

My favorite polish from Spring was Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic and Chanel's Particuliere, both gray and lavender hued looked fresh and trendy! Now for fall I have just ordered Chanel's Paradoxal a shimmery gray and lavender that's neutral enough to look good on everyone and flattering for the fall colors we'll be wearing! Try this shade out today. Free shipping at!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Belt it!

This post is for my friend who asked me to blog about belts and how to wear them! Rach I hope you read this! Belts are a great accessory and depending on the type can make or break your outfit!
Must have belts:
1) Skinny
2) Brown-medium thickness-leather also a black version-medium thickness (would fit in your belt loops)- leather
3) Stretch Belts-you can play with any number of these in any color and with any embellishments!
4) Dress belt-this would be a thinner perhaps patent leather belt that you can wear with trousers or a skirt.
5) Woven belt

How to wear these belts:

1) A skinny belt should not be too long so that you can wear it as you would wear a stretch belt-over your clothes at your waistline. This look can be very sophisticated-try over a button down shirt or over a buttoned jacket. Looks great! Try in patent leather red for pizazz!

2) The medium thickness black and brown belts are meant to be worn with jeans. When you're wearing a t-shirt and jeans or any top that is tucked in you need a belt. These should be more casual belts.

3) Stretch belts are all the rage right now, this is what you see worn around the waist. Here is my BIGGEST PET PEEVE: DO NOT wear this belt at hip level or you will look like a moron. I have seen people do this! Don't do it or risk looking like a fashion don't! Ok so find your natural waist, the smallest part of your stomach right below your ribs. These belts are very fun, if you're curvy like I am they are a saving grace for all these cute flowy tops that without a belt would make you look preggars. As with any accessory, weigh out your belt with what you're wearing; if your outfit is simple go ahead and pick out an embellished belt to spice it up or if your outfit is already patterned or busy try a simple version. I am LOVING studded versions of this belt, I bought all studded versions for my store oops! I love them! I also love to top off dresses with stretch belts-very stylish!

4) Dress belts-typically these are shinier thin belts that look sleek when paired with dress pants. You can also pair with skirts. Look for simple buckles, thin or flat buckles.

5) I love a medium thickness brown woven belt paired with a floral dress or any sundress really-if the belt is long go ahead and loop the belt back through itself.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Style Tips EVER-From InStyle Mag!

So I didn't make these up but I have to share them with my followers! If you're not a subscriber def get on board. I think I've been reading this magazine since I was 12! It's great! I hightlighted the ones I think are of utmost importance and added comments; )

Pick the Right Fabric-The two most important qualities to look for in fabric are weight and movement. If a fabric is too stiff, it can look boxy; too thin, and it may cling to every bulge. Wool crepe, wool microfiber blends, cotton or wool gabardine and cotton blended with silk are generally good choices.

Work with Proportion -Your clothes may fit properly, but if you don't get the proportions right, you'll still be off the mark. Choose looks that are either "short over long" or "long over short." Think: a cropped jacket over a knee-length shift, or a long jacket with skinny pants, or a tunic over a shorter pencil skirt
Invest in Quality Fabric -The adage "You get what you pay for" is gospel with fabric. Cheap fabrics tend to be less flattering, while higher-quality fabrics look better, last longer and hold their shape.

Consider Patterns-When it comes to patterns, think about color and size. Tonal patterns (pink on red, say) attract less attention, and the darker the background, the more slimming the design.

Avoid Excessive Details-Too many can create a questionable overall look, date your clothes, minimize and outfit's versatility and make your look heavier. I agree with this totally especially when dealing with jewelry! I like a cleaner simple look-don't get me wrong I love big statement jewelry and stacks of bangles but I wouldn't wear them all together!

Confidence Is Key-Some of the most attractive people in the word are not always the most fashionably dressed, yet they radiate a self-assurance that gets them noticed. While you can quickly lose your poise if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, the right clothes can lend you some of your attitude. The rest has to come from within.

Create a Signature Look-You can create a signature look that is bold or subtle, such as always wearing something lavender or a favorite stack of bangles. Repetition isn't boring—it is the mark of a confident woman who knows what she likes and what suits her best.

Choose the Right Shade-Everyone can wear every color—it all comes down to finding the right shade of that color for you. The shades that suit you depend on your skin tone as well as the color of your hair and eyes. Don't go overboard—stick to a maximum of three colors in any given outfit. Any more and the colors lose their punch. I get very tired of hearing "I can't wear that color" don't limit yourself just experiment with different hues of colors you don't "love" rather than eliminate a color.

Play Up Basics-A plain T-shirt lets an ornate skirt or jacket take center stage. If you choose a colored shirt, be sure to keep other pieces in complementary hues or neutrals.

Try a Trouser-The most sophisticated way to wear jeans to work is to pick a trouser cut in a dark rinse. Wear them with a jacket, a refined top or sweater, and heels or flats.
Keep Styles Simple for Maximum Versatility-Jeans can quickly go from day to night if you choose a style with clean lines and minimal details. Pair sexy, white skinny jeans with a feminine top that has some panache. Dressy heels with also ratchet up the wow factor.

Dress Up Pants-When it comes to dressing up a pair of pants, simpler shapes are often better. Sleek black pants or a pair with tuxedo stripes are evening-worthy options that can be worn in countless ways. Add shimmer and femininity with metallic, beaded or ruffled tops.

Try an Evening Coat-Choose an evening coat as you would a gown: You want one rich in detail and cut from luxe material so you feel gorgeous every time you slip it on.

Invest in a Chic Bag-Classic hangbags are worth their hefty price tags because you can carry them for years. You want your basic shades, but also try one in a bright color; if well crafted, a bag is ageless, timeless and fun. I tell this to my husband all the time ha ha! Seriously though this is so true to splurge on that bag you've been thinking about.
Build a Core Wardrobe-If you're in your 20s and 30s, build a simple core wardrobe but also experiment and play with inexpensive, trend-driven items. I've been writing a whole list of what makes up a core wardrobe-will post soon!
Invest in Quality Pieces-In your 40s and beyond, establish a lasting wardrobe of the best basics, investing in the highest quality you can afford. Play with your accessories, but also start to collect some real jewelry as well.

If you want to read more or see pictures visit:,,20369433_20784918,00.html

Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Crystal Jewelry!

I am LOVING big crystal like jewelry! We knew the big statement jewerly was big but now I'm seeing alot of oversized gem pieces and I love it! It brings out the girlie girl in any woman! Try these pieces all from Kenneth Jay Lane except the gold ring which I am wearing and it is from my store LUXE. Wear one big piece at a time otherwise it will be too much. Try a piece today!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The New Tees!

I am in love with boyfriend, off the shoulder, and cut out shoulder tees! These updates on an old favorite, our reliable tee shirt have given us a new reason to go sloppy!
The boyfriend tee is so cute with cutoff shorts, capris, and of course jeans! Make sure the fit is right, resist the urge to try and make it fit. It's supposed to be slouchy. Don't go overboard with the look; balance it out with skinny jeans or the cutoffs but don't pair with anything baggy! (Try the one pictured above by Alternative Apparel at

The off the shoulder tee can be worn with a different colored cami just peeking out and some leggings or jeggings! Totally 80's flashback but I still love it! I am also loving (don't hate me) tie dye looking jeans with distressing. (This off shoulder tee can be found at

The cutout shoulder tee is so hot, so now! I have found many varieties. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on the fabric and embellishments! I love this one pictured, found at would look great with white skinny jeans!
Happy Shopping!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Here's what I'm obsessed with this week:
Shoes! Well I am always obsessed with shoes but
this week in particular I've been on the hunt for "caged" sandals (pictured right by Boutique 9) and an ankle wrap sandal (pictured left by Report Signature.) I am also really
into nude or gray shoes right now I think theseare hot for summer! Wear them dressed up or dressed down, and you'll be totally on! (Both available at

Friday, May 14, 2010

Alternative Skinnys!

I'm really into this new trend in skinnys, the moto pant and cargos
which are different twists on the jean favorite. The first is the
Houlihan by J Brand pictured left. This skinny cargo is a celebrity favorite!
Wear with a feminine top to balance the masculinity and some heels or gladiators.
I've been seeing alot of this moto style jean for Fall too in all kinds of fabrics
from jeans to ponte fabric! Wear these like you would wear any of your other skinnys but
I would definitely wear with heels!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Printed Blouses!

This spring I am really into these techno printed blouses! They are so now! Wear these with chic simple black dress shorts and flats or heels. You could also wear them with white or black distressed skinny jeans. I like the idea of balancing the femininity with distressed jeans but I think stick to white or black. Keep accessories simple as the blouse has a lot going on. The blouse on the bottom is from Stella McCartney so it will run up your credit card bill but you can find great blouses at too like the one pictured on the top just make sure the fabric is light and "flowy" and not at all stiff.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Please STOP:

1) Wearing Dansko's-unless you're a nurse or you're on your feet all day for your job do not wear these. They are not for fashion. No I don't care if they are leopard print or patent leather! Save them for wearing with your scrubs!
2) Wearing Ed Hardy-I know I told you all before but I just wanted to reiterate.
3) Wearing outfits that are wrong for your body type. If you're boxy wear a belt to accentuate your waistline, if you're very thin wear all the cute blousey tops that are in right now. If you're overweight you can still dress trendy and feel comfortable at the same time, look for longer tops and forgiving ruffle accents.
4) Saying I'm too old to wear that. Yes, it is important to know how to dress your age but just because you're "middle aged" doesn't mean you have to dress like a frump, it takes skill to know how to incorporate a trend into your wardrobe so get some magazines and some fashionable friends and figure it out. Don't just give up or you'll look like you did!

Fashion is fun, experiment and say yes!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Lips!

I have to tell you about my new lip color faves! I'm loving a hot pink, really glossy lip or a soft coral hue for Spring! Try out my faves: Frisky Summer by Nars and Ever Hip from the Liberty of London collection by M.A.C. Try these out and look hot for Spring! Keep the coral shade updated and prevent an "old lady" look by keeping it glossy and pair with a simple or smoky brown eye. It looks best with a bronzy skin tone so get your spray tan on!