Friday, March 26, 2010

The two things I was obsessed with this week were this white strong shoulder jacket and these super stylish suede platform pumps in blush! Every season or when I see new trends, I get this "must have" feeling about certain items and I recently got that about these two items lol. Hopefully you'll think they're as cute as I do! So now how do you wear these items? The strong shoulder jacket is a bit of a throw back to the 80's but with a futuristic twist so you can wear this like you would wear any blazer- with skinny jeans and heels, with a skirt but only with a sleek style don't try to mix it with a flouncy skirt. It can be worn over a dress too but again with maybe a sheath. Don't overdo the look however, for example I tried this on with a tight fitting skirt that was high waisted and bright blue, super cute but together looked too 80's. The pumps can be worn like you wear any heel, I think the blush shade gives it a sophisticated look that balances out the stripper feel: ) Happy Shopping!
(Find the jacket at Express, shoes by Steve Madden-Nordies)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jeggings and Skinny jeans for summer!

The legging/jean is so cute and after getting a new shipment of J Brand and Citizens who both make a really cute jegging I've decided to blog about it: ) Do not fear these minature looking jeans, they are really cute on and they stretch! As you can see by the pictures I have posted they can be worn many ways from flats to heels. I like pairing them with a fuller, more blousy top and great heels! You can really dress up these jeggings like Kim Kardashian pictured top left. Try them out today!
(All images from J Brand except far left which are Citizens Avedon-which I carry in the store)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars! Fashion Hits and Misses

It's Oscar time-all the gorgeous, relevant, and not to mention talented stars descend onto the red carpet and we will be judging...the fashion!


Sandra Bullock-Gold hot! This molten dress was a perfect fit for the event! She also happens to be my top pick for makeup-she looked drop dead gorgeous in a red lip and subtle sparkly eyes that paired perfectly with her shiny, almost raven hair.

J-Lo-I know, I know I still like it! Jennifer Lopez looked top notch tonight. Many a star have tried dresses with a futuristic twist and I think J-Lo got it spot on! A little feminine with a twist of interesting fashion forward detailing.

Penelope Cruz-Love, love this burgundy hued dress! Granted she has that amazing olive skin tone but this dress was cut beautifully and was my top pick for the night. I think to be best dressed you have to wear something fitting for the event, cut to fit you, and old Hollywood glamour with a nod to high fashion-She was all of those tonight!

Kristen Stewart-I really thought the dress was very "Oscars" but maybe too old for Kristen.

Miley Cyrus-I really liked this dress, again maybe not for Miley but I thought it was very, very pretty. Loving the nude tones (on people whose skin tone is a shade darker than their dress.)


Charlize Theron-What? Two roses on over the breast area...need I say more?

Mariah Carey- " I just bought this off the rack at Dillards"-This is the Oscars-put down the champagne and step it up!

Zoe Saldana-Umm no-She is sooo beautiful, I would have loved to see her get it right tonight but sadly this dust feather rendition with ombre is not cutting it.

Sarah Jessica Parker-Our fashion diva! I'm so sad I didn't love it tonight; she's always usually so fresh and updated that we all follow trend! Tonight I did not love the dress, the color wasn't right when I see that color I think "cheap" don't get me wrong I know it's Chanel but it was a miss! Also, her hair was kind of a mess yes? I did happen to notice a new trend: flyaways hmm...

I feel like a lot of people played it very safe tonight with dresses that I felt like we've seen before. Kudos to the ladies who got it right!