Thursday, May 5, 2011

The New Capri!

Every Spring we venture out to see what's new in fashion, you're undoubtedly going to search out a new pair of denim capri's. We're here to show you what's on the radar for crops!

Skinny capri's-these aren't new but they remain a steady throughout most premium denim lines. Slim fitting through the calves is the look to go for. Roll them up or buy them already at the proper length, either way you'll be on trend with this silhouette.

Boyfriend Skinny capri's-sounds like an oxymoron but yes the "New" capri style is boyfriend, ie. baggy, loose, like you threw on your bf's old 501's. It's a fresh new spin that may take some getting used to but once perfected is so now! Check out some Hollywood examples. (the only ones that aren't skinny cut are Reese Witherspoon's so don't look at her; )

Come into Luxe to try our version of the boyfriend skinny by Paige Premium Denim.