Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wedding Season-What to Wear!

Wedding season is upon us and we will all be wondering what to wear! Should you drag out your old frock you wear every year? Should you buy new? What does the attire mean you should wear? No fear, I am here to answer those questions and make sure you look your best!

1) You never want to wear a dress to a wedding everyone has already seen you in, but if your budget is a little tight figure out how you can spruce up a dress you already own so it looks new! Try adding a belt! If you have a floral dress try adding a cute brown leather woven belt, if you have a great sheath dress add a stretchy waist belt. Jewelry can make any dress look different. Try wearing a basic dress and really play it up with bold statement pieces. Think black dress (yes black is ok to wear to weddings now) with turquoise jewelry or green with gold! Simply accessorizing basic dresses will totally change the look of any dress.

2) Confused about what the attire on the invitation means? Let's break it down:

White Tie-The most formal of all wedding dress codes-Think Oscars! Go for a formal, full-length ball gown in a neutral palette. Go all out glam with hair and jewelry! Men wear tuxedos with tails.

Black Tie: This means tuxedos for men, long evening gowns for women, very dressy cocktail dresses are also appropriate.

Formal/Black Tie Optional: Daytime/Evening-This is a looser version of black tie so suits as well as tuxedos will work, evening gowns and cocktail dresses are acceptable.

Semi-Formal: A suit with a tie, cocktail dresses/nice tops with skirts or for daytime lighter weight fabrics and light colors are more suitable.

Informal/Casual-Think khaki's and sundresses! Jeans are off limits unless the invitation specifically mentions they are ok.

Don't wear anything too loud or flashy, think overly bold patterns or sequins. Be sure to dress appropriately, nothing club worthy. If the invitation does not specify attire, play it safe with a cocktail dress.

Come into LUXE today and we will help you find a great "guest of wedding" dress!