Saturday, July 3, 2010

Belt it!

This post is for my friend who asked me to blog about belts and how to wear them! Rach I hope you read this! Belts are a great accessory and depending on the type can make or break your outfit!
Must have belts:
1) Skinny
2) Brown-medium thickness-leather also a black version-medium thickness (would fit in your belt loops)- leather
3) Stretch Belts-you can play with any number of these in any color and with any embellishments!
4) Dress belt-this would be a thinner perhaps patent leather belt that you can wear with trousers or a skirt.
5) Woven belt

How to wear these belts:

1) A skinny belt should not be too long so that you can wear it as you would wear a stretch belt-over your clothes at your waistline. This look can be very sophisticated-try over a button down shirt or over a buttoned jacket. Looks great! Try in patent leather red for pizazz!

2) The medium thickness black and brown belts are meant to be worn with jeans. When you're wearing a t-shirt and jeans or any top that is tucked in you need a belt. These should be more casual belts.

3) Stretch belts are all the rage right now, this is what you see worn around the waist. Here is my BIGGEST PET PEEVE: DO NOT wear this belt at hip level or you will look like a moron. I have seen people do this! Don't do it or risk looking like a fashion don't! Ok so find your natural waist, the smallest part of your stomach right below your ribs. These belts are very fun, if you're curvy like I am they are a saving grace for all these cute flowy tops that without a belt would make you look preggars. As with any accessory, weigh out your belt with what you're wearing; if your outfit is simple go ahead and pick out an embellished belt to spice it up or if your outfit is already patterned or busy try a simple version. I am LOVING studded versions of this belt, I bought all studded versions for my store oops! I love them! I also love to top off dresses with stretch belts-very stylish!

4) Dress belts-typically these are shinier thin belts that look sleek when paired with dress pants. You can also pair with skirts. Look for simple buckles, thin or flat buckles.

5) I love a medium thickness brown woven belt paired with a floral dress or any sundress really-if the belt is long go ahead and loop the belt back through itself.