Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fashion Do's!

Ahh the dog days of summer, we all look forward to them especially living in a place that sees 6 months of snow! So drag out your flip flops, I said flip flops not crocs and get ready for the heat!

1) Wear funky scarfs:
You can get them anywhere and you can wear them with anything from cargo crops to sundresses. Play with different ways to wear them. There is an art to the scarf. If it's really long, make one long loop, put it around your neck and pull the bottom through or just wind it around your neck and tuck the ends back into the scarf for the latest look.

2) Explore gladiators: You know the ones that look like Jesus sandals. You can find them in platforms and flats. They are flattering, you just have to get used to them. Try the them in metallic for a versatile look.

3) Cuff your jeans: There are so many options this year. Cuff your skinny jeans! Cuffing your jeans is the easiest way to take your wardrobe from winter to summer. This works best on skinny jeans or bootcut jeans. Start at the bottom and cuff at about 4 inches. Roll two or three times and evaluate the look. Make sure the cuffs are even. If you have ankle length pants make just one long cuff.

4) Max out the Maxi: If you haven't seen them, they're the long dresses that come in all kinds of patterns and usually in a halter style that's flowy and loose. They tend to be too long so make sure you get one that graces the top of your feet but doesn't drag on the ground. Find a fit that's flattering. Unfortunately like alot of the styles right now, Maxis look best on the skinny and curveless but you can still rock it if you find the right fit.

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