Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Holidays are here! Now what to wear?!

Dinner with friends- I like a tie neck blouse with some trousers or even wide leg jeans if your gathering is casual. Try a color block tie neck blouse for a twist!

Holiday office party-For an office party keep it festive but appropriate, a skirt with a blazer or try opaque patterned tights with dressy shorts and a cowl neck sweater!

Cocktail party-For cocktail parties I'm all about the sequins! Try small sequins sewn closely together, they tend to look more expensive!

Formal event-Go bold with a jewel tone! If you're really brave top it off with a fur bolero!

Day off/Christmas shopping-I love fair isle patterns. Pair a fairisle sweater with skinny jeans, riding boots, and a scarf!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


OOOooo yay! All the fall fashion mags are out and I've devoured every page to find out what all the fab trends will be!

1) JEWEL TONES! Sparkle in all your favorite gems tones; ruby, emerald, jade, citrine, sapphire! They're coming out in all kinds of ways from jeans and cords to clutches and even nail polish. I must say I am most obsessed with Ruby and Emerald and am already clamoring for the perfect handbag in those colors. Also try Ruby red trousers to kick up your daily 9-5 look.

2) LADY LIKE HANDBAGS! Yes they're still here, they first made an appearance last Fall but they're still here and for good reason, with classic lines and finishes they're a timeless choice in all that's trendy. Try them in a fun animal leather or color to punch it up!

3) LEOPARD-Ok sure leopard is always "in" in some capacity but this Fall you MUST have a purse with calf or pony hair leopard and a pair of shoes (I have 3 already!) it gives everything that extra pop of trendy!

4) LOAFER PUMPS- Menswear meets women's pumps- these fab shoes appeared in the year's vogue but I didn't see too many out for the masses until this year and I'm stoked! I have always loved loafer-like shoes. Try these in patent finishes!

NOTHING NEW- BUT we're seeing some of the same trends for last year back in a bigger way!
1) FLARES and TROUSERS-We see this continue throughout fall which is great because they add extra polish to the more structured fall looks. Try the flare in a new fabric way like corduroy.

2) Menswear inspired- I don't even think it's men's wear per se, just all the tweed, trenches, and wool fabrics appear every fall WHICH WE LOVE! Mix in one of this Fall's "IT" jewel colors for fresh take on an old classic. Menswear inspired shorts are really in full force this year so definitely pick those up!

3) FUR-or for animal lovers like myself FAUX FUR! It's still here, definitely get yourself a vest if you didn't last year, if you already have one grab something new like a full faux fur coat or sweater with fur details. (Not in small puffs though-ew that's gross.)

4) CHUNKY KNITS-Duh yes, every fall/winter we ALL love a chunky knit. Try a cute cable knit and pair with menswear inspired shorts and do monochromatic shoes and tights!

5) "Middie" as opposed to Maxi or mini skirts are in but I'm not super stoked about that look so take it or leave it.

6) SOUTHWEST PRINTS-we saw them this Spring but they continue in cute sweaters for Fall, I DO love this and it's a "DO" only one at a time please.

More to come! Get out there and shop!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Color Me Denim!

What do you think of the colored denim trend? Personally it's growing on me as I've ordered my first pair of cherry red skinny jeans! I think this is a really fun trend for the summer. Also going into Fall I'm seeing a lot of the same however in more muted hues and earth tones. Try pairing your crayon bright jeans with something more toned down like a cute graphic tee or a striped top and flats. Or go a dressier route and do a black blazer or a black sequined top and heels! Try to keep the rest of your look simple since you already have a lot going on the bottom! Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blushing Blush!

Check out the newest color for Spring, you may have noticed this pale hue on some of your favorite celebrities and now it's everywhere! This shade is so subtly beautiful but it can definitely be hard to wear. Here are some helpful tips to wearing blush; get a spray tan! No doubt this color looks great on olive skin complexions but that's no reason us pale ladies can't rock it as well, so go get yourself a spray tan! What colors pair well with blush- try gray, charcoal, black, and my favorite camel or nude! I like to wear jewelry in rose gold or gold hue to warm up the shade.  Keep your makeup simple-go for a smokey eye or a bold pink lip!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The New Capri!

Every Spring we venture out to see what's new in fashion, you're undoubtedly going to search out a new pair of denim capri's. We're here to show you what's on the radar for crops!

Skinny capri's-these aren't new but they remain a steady throughout most premium denim lines. Slim fitting through the calves is the look to go for. Roll them up or buy them already at the proper length, either way you'll be on trend with this silhouette.

Boyfriend Skinny capri's-sounds like an oxymoron but yes the "New" capri style is boyfriend, ie. baggy, loose, like you threw on your bf's old 501's. It's a fresh new spin that may take some getting used to but once perfected is so now! Check out some Hollywood examples. (the only ones that aren't skinny cut are Reese Witherspoon's so don't look at her; )

Come into Luxe to try our version of the boyfriend skinny by Paige Premium Denim.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's "IN" for Spring!

So the weather is getting warmer, so what is your wardrobe update for Spring? Here are my top picks!

1) Platform wedges-sky high! The taller the better, wear with your fab flares! Wood elements are great.
2) Cut out/cage style sandals-great update on gladiator styles.
3) The mini bag-de-clutter your giant hobo and get yourself updated with a tiny bag worn messenger style
4) As I told you before blouses are huge-read last post.
5) Flares-Must have, read the last post.
6) Harem style pants and non denim are a great way to mix up your wardrobe!
7) Fedoras
8) Rompers and Jumpers!! Don't panic there is a great style for everyone, every age! Have fun with this style.

More fun trends to come!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blow out blouses!

Oh my gosh I forgot to blog about my most favorite trend obsession this Spring; blouses!!! I am beyond obsessed, buying up all shapes and patterns! Ok so this is huge because of the all the 70's inspired looks that are all the rage now. I love any style, off the shoulder, peasant, sleeveless, cut out shoulders, anything works! I really love it in silk fabrics rather than harder fabrics like cotton because you really get that flowy feel. Pair with a great pair of flares to really be on trend and make sure to get the whole effect by throwing on some wedges or espadrilles to get those long lean legs.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wear with Flare!

This Spring stores are ablaze with the latest trend in denim; the flare! Some of you may still be wearing these skipping right over the skinny trend so guess what now they're back; )

My style suggestions for this trend are; purchase a dark to medium dark, with slight wear if you want a lighter look for Spring. Darker washes will make you look longer and leaner. You must, must, must make sure they are long enough and be wary the seamstress who hems them too short. This jean must bend at the top of the foot and graze the heel on your shoe. I like the flare to fit me through the thigh so you really get an exaggerated effect. This style is perfect for you JLo body-type ladies out there because it really gives balance to your curvaceous body! It also works great for those of you looking for a nicer jean to wear to work as many of the premium brands offer a "trouser style" fit. I suggest wearing these jeans with very tall wood wedges, totally on trend! As for tops, pair with all the great feminine flowy blouses found everywhere this season! Tuck and belt and rock it!

Check out LUXE Boutique for 7 For All Mankind's Dojo style (pictured top) and also their Georgia Trouser (for you trend setters)