Monday, June 28, 2010

Best Style Tips EVER-From InStyle Mag!

So I didn't make these up but I have to share them with my followers! If you're not a subscriber def get on board. I think I've been reading this magazine since I was 12! It's great! I hightlighted the ones I think are of utmost importance and added comments; )

Pick the Right Fabric-The two most important qualities to look for in fabric are weight and movement. If a fabric is too stiff, it can look boxy; too thin, and it may cling to every bulge. Wool crepe, wool microfiber blends, cotton or wool gabardine and cotton blended with silk are generally good choices.

Work with Proportion -Your clothes may fit properly, but if you don't get the proportions right, you'll still be off the mark. Choose looks that are either "short over long" or "long over short." Think: a cropped jacket over a knee-length shift, or a long jacket with skinny pants, or a tunic over a shorter pencil skirt
Invest in Quality Fabric -The adage "You get what you pay for" is gospel with fabric. Cheap fabrics tend to be less flattering, while higher-quality fabrics look better, last longer and hold their shape.

Consider Patterns-When it comes to patterns, think about color and size. Tonal patterns (pink on red, say) attract less attention, and the darker the background, the more slimming the design.

Avoid Excessive Details-Too many can create a questionable overall look, date your clothes, minimize and outfit's versatility and make your look heavier. I agree with this totally especially when dealing with jewelry! I like a cleaner simple look-don't get me wrong I love big statement jewelry and stacks of bangles but I wouldn't wear them all together!

Confidence Is Key-Some of the most attractive people in the word are not always the most fashionably dressed, yet they radiate a self-assurance that gets them noticed. While you can quickly lose your poise if you're not comfortable in what you're wearing, the right clothes can lend you some of your attitude. The rest has to come from within.

Create a Signature Look-You can create a signature look that is bold or subtle, such as always wearing something lavender or a favorite stack of bangles. Repetition isn't boring—it is the mark of a confident woman who knows what she likes and what suits her best.

Choose the Right Shade-Everyone can wear every color—it all comes down to finding the right shade of that color for you. The shades that suit you depend on your skin tone as well as the color of your hair and eyes. Don't go overboard—stick to a maximum of three colors in any given outfit. Any more and the colors lose their punch. I get very tired of hearing "I can't wear that color" don't limit yourself just experiment with different hues of colors you don't "love" rather than eliminate a color.

Play Up Basics-A plain T-shirt lets an ornate skirt or jacket take center stage. If you choose a colored shirt, be sure to keep other pieces in complementary hues or neutrals.

Try a Trouser-The most sophisticated way to wear jeans to work is to pick a trouser cut in a dark rinse. Wear them with a jacket, a refined top or sweater, and heels or flats.
Keep Styles Simple for Maximum Versatility-Jeans can quickly go from day to night if you choose a style with clean lines and minimal details. Pair sexy, white skinny jeans with a feminine top that has some panache. Dressy heels with also ratchet up the wow factor.

Dress Up Pants-When it comes to dressing up a pair of pants, simpler shapes are often better. Sleek black pants or a pair with tuxedo stripes are evening-worthy options that can be worn in countless ways. Add shimmer and femininity with metallic, beaded or ruffled tops.

Try an Evening Coat-Choose an evening coat as you would a gown: You want one rich in detail and cut from luxe material so you feel gorgeous every time you slip it on.

Invest in a Chic Bag-Classic hangbags are worth their hefty price tags because you can carry them for years. You want your basic shades, but also try one in a bright color; if well crafted, a bag is ageless, timeless and fun. I tell this to my husband all the time ha ha! Seriously though this is so true to splurge on that bag you've been thinking about.
Build a Core Wardrobe-If you're in your 20s and 30s, build a simple core wardrobe but also experiment and play with inexpensive, trend-driven items. I've been writing a whole list of what makes up a core wardrobe-will post soon!
Invest in Quality Pieces-In your 40s and beyond, establish a lasting wardrobe of the best basics, investing in the highest quality you can afford. Play with your accessories, but also start to collect some real jewelry as well.

If you want to read more or see pictures visit:,,20369433_20784918,00.html

Monday, June 21, 2010

Big Crystal Jewelry!

I am LOVING big crystal like jewelry! We knew the big statement jewerly was big but now I'm seeing alot of oversized gem pieces and I love it! It brings out the girlie girl in any woman! Try these pieces all from Kenneth Jay Lane except the gold ring which I am wearing and it is from my store LUXE. Wear one big piece at a time otherwise it will be too much. Try a piece today!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The New Tees!

I am in love with boyfriend, off the shoulder, and cut out shoulder tees! These updates on an old favorite, our reliable tee shirt have given us a new reason to go sloppy!
The boyfriend tee is so cute with cutoff shorts, capris, and of course jeans! Make sure the fit is right, resist the urge to try and make it fit. It's supposed to be slouchy. Don't go overboard with the look; balance it out with skinny jeans or the cutoffs but don't pair with anything baggy! (Try the one pictured above by Alternative Apparel at

The off the shoulder tee can be worn with a different colored cami just peeking out and some leggings or jeggings! Totally 80's flashback but I still love it! I am also loving (don't hate me) tie dye looking jeans with distressing. (This off shoulder tee can be found at

The cutout shoulder tee is so hot, so now! I have found many varieties. You can dress it up or dress it down depending on the fabric and embellishments! I love this one pictured, found at would look great with white skinny jeans!
Happy Shopping!