Thursday, August 13, 2009

Denim Jackets-They're back!

Getting the Blues: Denim Jackets!

Now that I'm in my "latter" twenties it's fun to see some trends come back that I actually remember and gasp, may still have in my closet. So much to my mother's chagrin I can pull out my denim jacket from high school and it's totally now!
That's right ladies, the denim jacket is back in! Unfortunately I couldn't find my denim jacket from back when so I just bought a new one like the one pictured bottom left from Old Navy (so recessionista!) If you are a label snob: ) buy yourself the jacket pictured bottom right from Paper Denim available at
I bought a smaller size so it would look very fitted, I recommend doing the same. I think that the lighter colored, worn looking jackets are super cute right now. Wear your denim jacket with almost everything! My fav look is to wear a maxi with a denim jacket, some hoops, and sandals like Jessica Simpson pictured above. If you wear your denim jacket with jeans be sure to wear darker jeans not in the same hue as your jacket to avoid the Canadian tuxedo look. Happy Shopping!

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