Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ultra Platform!

Platforms have been in for awhile but now they're getting a boost! The new platform is sky high and so trendy for the season. Right now the prettiest styles I found are by YSL (the first two pictured) and Gucci (third from left) but if you don't have $700+ to spend on shoes, which right now who does!? Micheal Antonio and Jessica Simpson (pictured second row) have some great styles for much more reasonable prices. These are basic pumps that can be worn with basically anything from a formal dress to jeans! Wear now with summer pieces and with tights this fall. They look really difficult to walk in but because the sole is stacked it's not as steep as you would think, so don't worry you won't fall forward but they're definitely for those how know how to walk in heels!

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