Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lovely Lace

Right now I am beyond obsessed with black lace anything! Well not anything but still you can find the black lace trend everywhere right now, so go out and get laced up! I am only talking about black lace now ladies, now is not the time to bring out an old lace top and try to make it work. The sad thing about trends that come back is that they always come back slightly different so you can't use your old stand by that's been in your closet waiting for it's comeback. Anyway, I love this trend in a blouse, in a handbag, pump, and on a dress! I love it inset in a top as well! Pair with a nude cami or nude pumps-so hot! Wear the bag or pumps to liven up any outfit! The way to wear it is more sweet than sassy, more ladylike is fashion forward. I just bought a lace print scarf that was sooo cute and I pair it with my military jacket- a little mix of feminine with the masculine, always a do. One piece of advice; find a soft lace, not crunchy and not too fitted. Happy Shopping! Go to and type in black lace to find your perfect piece for the trend! (From top: blouse by Alexander Wang;bag at; pumps at; lace top at; dress by Tracy Reese at and always shop at Luxe Boutique!)

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