Thursday, January 5, 2012

Denim Fit Guide!

Hey ladies, one of the most dreaded or for me fun; ) tasks is jean shopping! You may struggle with where to even start with so many choices of styles and washes it can be overwhelming so here's an idea of where to start:

First, determine what body style you have. Then determine the styles that will most likely flatter your figure. Then decide what kind of wash you would like.

Curvy: If you're an hourglass or a pear shape. You have full hips and maybe full thighs with a tiny mid section.
Your problem-you might find that you have trouble getting jeans wide enough for your thighs and then find that when you do the waist is too big.
Solution/Goal- You may find you want to slim and balance your proportions. The best jean types for you are: Bootcut, Trouser fit, Wide leg, or Flares. A bit of a wider flare at the bottom will balance out your fuller hips and make you look shapely. Try and find jeans with a slightly higher rise and some stretch to solve your "too big in the waist" dilemma. At LUXE we can custom alter your waist so you get the perfect fit. Avoid washes that are lighter in the hip area or whiskered. Darker washes will give you a slimming effect.

Petite: If you're 5'4" and slim you are probably a petite.
Your problem-You may find that you are always having to hem your pants and everything is too long and/or too large for your body.
Solution/Goal-Try and seek out "petite" cuts! They do exist, premium denim makers make lengths more appropriate for your height and not only that, the whole jean is in better proportions ie. knee cuts are in the right spots. You may consider lower rises, as you probably have a shorter torso. Try straight leg or skinny jeans as they don't require as much alteration in the length. Avoid crops or anything too wide, you want to give the appearance of being taller. At LUXE we can alter any jean to fit our petite ladies.

Athletic/Boyish: If you lack curves and have a more square body shape.
Your problem: Lack of curves or looking too thin.
Solution/Goal: Try highlighting any curves you may have by wearing skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, or flares. Try lighter washes or washes with fading as these will enhance your bottom and hip area.

Tall: If you're tall you your shape probably falls into one of the previous categories, your other consideration will be that you have trouble finding jeans long enough. Try "Super model length" a new cut from premium denim makers that have 36" inseams or longer!

Pocket Guide:
Flap- will enhance smaller backsides.
High-drawa the bottom upwards.
Far apart-wide set give the appearance of wider hips.
Low pockets-draw the eye down , may make tush look bigger.
No pockets-No, no.

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