Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Trends!

It's still snowing but it's not too early to start thinking about spring fashion trends! All the magazines are showcasing spring so you can start getting excited about shopping! This spring several trends are going to be big, some you've seen but some are new!

1) Rose Gold-you're going to see this metallic hue in a variety of accessories because it's huge for spring. I like adding it in a watch, shoes, or a handbag.

2) Jeggings-The jean/legging has been here but it's definitely here to stay this spring. Look for a lighter weight version that you can wear into summer.

3) Distressed denim-We saw skinnys with distressing last fall but this spring the look is less distressed (not totally ripped up) just a little touch here and there with some fading. I love this look in a skinny jean and it's still so cute in the boyfriend jean rolled up.

4)Florals and ruffles- This isn't such a surprise. The feminine look is always a hit for Spring. Continue on with this one, look for new twists like updated patterns and new cuts like a billowy top that is long and you can wear with leggings.

5) Wooden clog sandals: Geez I'm so glad I didn't throw these out! They're in again!

Still here:

Statement jewelry
Nude hues-head to toe (update)

Trend I'm not feeling: Crop tops-ugh so gross don't do it. I however love the wide neck top that you wear off the shoulder! Love that! But in a long version ie. with leggings.

Happy Shopping!

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