Sunday, September 13, 2009

Zip it up!

Zippers are so hot this season. You can find zippered looks everywhere from Bloomingdale's to Forever 21. Zippers go along with the "tough" looks that we've seen a lot of already, zippers have become more than just functional; you'll notice that zippers are very visible on clothing or they're the detailing on skirts, leggings, and tops. I particularly like this trend on bright skirts that have very visible zippers on the back. Of course wear only one zippered item at a time, i.e. don't wear leggings with zippered sides and a top with a zipper down the middle.
Inspiration: Top left, Kim Kardashian in short sleeved LnA top, also pictured in the long sleeve version for winter available at and; Zippered jersey tunic from So Low available at; pictured right, the double zippered skirt from Eryn Brinie available at

Happy Shopping!

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